Welcome to the Russian Department

Russian is offered to GCSE as an option alternate years, starting in year 10, and is also offered to A level. A high percentage of girls taking the Russian to GCSE choose to continue studying the language at advanced level, and it is a popular choice for study at university, often with another subject. If you are qualified in one of the less common foreign languages taught in Britain, such as Russian, you have a distinct advantage in the job market.

There are five lessons a week of Russian in lower 5 and upper 5, enough to be able to study the language comfortably and successfully to G.C.S.E. In these lessons, students learn to read, write, listen and speak in Russian. They learn to talk and write about themselves, their family, home, town, and interests. They learn the language of everyday tasks, such as shopping and getting about. At the same time, important, students learn about life in Russia: how people live, what their houses are like, what they eat and drink, how they spend their free time, what their towns and cities are like, and much more.


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